LaVar Ball… wow. Okay, yes I am just as tired of seeing his name in the news and I’m so done watching the argument of whether he should be commended as a great father or shamed as a cocky arrogant punk. I just don’t care. He’s not my dad, so it really doesn’t matter to me.

I just wanted to preface how I feel, so you understand how compelled I actually felt to write this.

Just days after Lonzo Ball was was drafted second overall to the Los Angeles Lakers, all anyone can talk about is his dad.

LaVar managed to weasel his way into the minds of the sports world by stealing the spotlight away from his sons multiple times by saying dumb things, doing dumb things, and just looking plain dumb. However, it may have all been worth it.

On Monday night, the Ball family — wait, were they all there? Or was it just LaVar? Lonzo had to be there, right? It was the Staple Center after all. Well, shoot. I guess I fell into LaVar’s trap: As long as I know the name LaVar, who cares who the others are??

Anyway, as I was saying, this week LaVar was invited to be a part of WWE Monday Night Raw and it was pure gold. His loud-mouth nonsense and outlandish gestures were much easier to watch in the ring and I can’t lie, I was thoroughly entertained.


Finally, a domain that is rowdy enough to handle the antics of LaVar. His lanky arms flailing through the air whenever his body moves is enough for me to tune in every time. Then you add the phony tough-guy threats and overemphasized voice commonly found within the WWE, and it becomes harder to look away. This is what he’s needed all along! Honestly, I’m just happy the guy found somewhere he can be himself.

The whole thing was fall-down funny. As much as I absolutely cannot stand this guy, and I mean, I go out of my way to avoid anything having to do with him. I literally forgot about him until Lonzo got drafted, and then suddenly, the world forgot all about Lonzo (again) when LaVar became the main attraction on Monday Night Raw.

Leave it to LaVar to steal the stage in Lonzo’s new house. CLASSIC.


– A