As we all know, by now, the inventor of the pineapple pizza has left us for the Pearly Gates. Do I know anything else about this glorious Greek-Canadian? No, not much. However, it is only natural to assume he has ascended to the highest of high and gone back home to live with our Heavenly Father. Only natural — considering he brought the world one of the most deviceful and delectable creations known to man. The pineapple pizza never fails to bring happiness and joy wherever it goes. With it’s mixture of tomato sauce, Canaidan bacon and pineapples, it’s no wonder this unsual combination was such a Grand Slam. The pineapple pizza (also known as: Hawaiian pizza) has been the topic of many social media debates where intentions are to determine, once and for all, if it is as good as people claim it to be. I simply cannot understand how this is still a question. The smell of it alone when your roommate brings it home, is enough to make you want to make up with this roommate, with whom you had a falling out with and swore you would never speak to them again… What? No. This didn’t happen to me. It’s a common occurrence, okay? A person would have to be an all around genius to brainstorm an idea like pineapple and bacon on pizza. So, while we are sad that Sam Panopoulos has left us down here on Earth, we can rejoice in the fact that he is up there spreading love through pizza and whippin’ up something delicious in a kitchen in the sky.

RIP and Thank you, Sam