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Look What Y’all Made Me Do

I don’t know if you have seen my tweets, (if you don’t follow me, go ahead and do that @Hawkins_1… I’m hilarious if I do say so myself) but I have been harsher than I ever have on lil T-Swift.... Continue Reading →


“Strong Side, BAY SIDE!”

From: @JimGuelda and @Alex_Robles44 How long will the Warriors dominate the league?  Seemingly, for as long as they want. I'm only kind of kidding when I say the 3-ball might forever splash in their favor. With arguably two of the... Continue Reading →

Highlight Factory or Factory of Sadness?

From: @TD_McGaha @DrkAllan and @LocalWiseGuy Who are the Atlanta Hawks actually building around? After making the playoffs for a lion's share of the past decade, the 2017-2018 Atlanta Hawks are more primed for the 2018 Draft lottery than the postseason.... Continue Reading →

Booker (1) + Jackson (99) = 100% Sold On Suns Future

Should the Phoenix Suns be trading for Kyrie Irving? Sure -- as long as Josh Jackson is completely OFF the table. Spoiler: he won't be. ~All rumors suggest he is ON the Cavaliers wish list.~ You can't begin to justify... Continue Reading →

Back To The Sandbox, Kidd

I'll preface this with: Jason Kidd was hands down, my favorite point guard growing up. Kidd was a top-tier talent who is still regarded as one of the very best to ever play the position. But that's not what this... Continue Reading →

A War of Words: Isiah Thomas vs. Yours Truly

Alright, alright! Story time boys and girls. Everybody gather around and listen to what this Chicago meatball (me) did once upon a time in Atlanta. Let us begin. So anyone that knows me, knows I am obviously not a Lebron... Continue Reading →

Lonzo to the Lakers <<< LaVar in the Ring

LaVar Ball... wow. Okay, yes I am just as tired of seeing his name in the news and I'm so done watching the argument of whether he should be commended as a great father or shamed as a cocky arrogant... Continue Reading →

No Looney Tunes, No Problem As NASA Announces Aliens

I think we can all agree that it's only a matter of time before the aliens muster up enough courage to visit planet earth, again. Rumors continue to circulate, leaving many to believe their arrival will be before year's end. ... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Beat The Heat in AZ

Listen, when you live in Arizona there are going to be a few compromises. Yes, we are known to be a great destination. Arizona has been acknowledged, again and again, for our pristine golf courses, college rivalries, sunsets that God... Continue Reading →

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